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The cherry blossoms have been blooming for a week or so but we just had our first clear day with blue skies. Brian and I went for a walk so I could take pictures of them. I could take pictures all day… but Brian got a bit antsy/impatient.

I’m quite excited for summer to be coming. I was sad when things wrapped up on campus, knowing that I wouldn’t be seeing those great students and coworkers again for a long time. But summer brings warmer weather, sunshine, and a new job. I’m officially AIA Soccer staff, full time. And it’ll stay this way from now on.

In the fall I’ll be on campus one day per week and working with Brian in AIA the rest of the time. We’re excited to see where God is leading us, even though we don’t know.

We’re also pretty sure we’ve found an apartment to move into. I’m excited to be in the new place, though I will miss the family (but not necessarily the noise) and the coolness of a basement suite in the summer.

Hope you are all doing well!


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