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This is Charlie hiding. We like to play chase with him.

Things are finally slowing down around here. This was my last week working with campus stuff, next week it’s gung ho for AIA.

But I’m exhausted. My forearm hurts from bowling. And I found out from my physiotherapist friend that my hips are so badly out of alignment that it’s giving me bad neck problems that lead to headaches. It also explains the sharp pains in my leg, my inability to do a sit up (seriously, I haven’t been able to roll up from the ground to do a sit up since middle school), and why I haven’t been able to touch my toes in a long time. But I’m glad I’ve found out why all these little quirks with my body are happening and now I can do something about it!

Also, we’re moving soon! The time has come to leave our basement suite and get out on our own. NO, WE’RE NOT HAVING A BABY. We’re just ready to move.

Have a great end of the week!


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