Originally uploaded by beccacfowler

Charlie has brightened our home so much! I’m so glad we got him. Brian even likes him! And I think Charlie likes Brian quite a bit. Bunnies show their affection by running in circles around your feet (CHECK!), snuggling with you (CHECK!) and licking or nibbling you (CHECK!). The ultimate sign of affection is if the bunny chooses to groom you, licking your hair.

So Brian tried to test this method…
by putting his head on the couch…
next to Charlie’s face…
and sure enough Charlie sniffed him for a minute and then nibbled Brian’s ear!

Brian immediately jumped up and ran to the bathroom yelling, “HE BIT ME! CHARLIE BIT MY EAR!” He sure did. I’m sure it was just a nibble, but Brian’s ear was swollen and red for a while. Charlie just went about his business, hopping around and cleaning himself.

He’s so cute. But I’m afraid he’s sick. We’re taking him to the vet tomorrow.

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