AHH! *chipmunk voice*

Originally uploaded by beccacfowler

Charlie is healthy. We took him to the vet today.

This is Charlie yawning… although it looks like there should be a high-pitch screech coming from his mouth, it was silent. Bunnies are quite quiet. The only sound Charlie makes is a purring, wheezing sound which means he’s happy. And from time to time he’ll thump his foot if he’s not getting the attention he wants or is put back in his cage before he’s ready.

Funny bunny.

2 thoughts on “AHH! *chipmunk voice*

  1. HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA!!!! That picture is hilarious! You need to submit it to some “America’s Funniest Home Pictures”! :)Hope y’all are well! We miss you!!xoxo,Haley

  2. i feel like i know Charlie so well even though i have yet to meet him. one day i will bring him a carrot. or some other bunny treat. 🙂

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