"Stuck on the hill"

Yesterday there was a snow storm on campus at SFU and hundreds of people were either sliding down the mountain in their cars, walking down on foot, or stuck on campus for the night sleeping on pads laid out in the gym. SFU is located at the top of Burnaby Mountain and on a clear day you can see all the way downtown into Vancouver.

Yesterday was not such a day. As I was trying to leave campus around 3:30, it was a beautiful, quiet winter wonderland. It took me about an hour to go 100 yards on the road around campus to the main exit road. As cars and SUVs slid around and pedestrians weaved in and out trying to avoid those ballet-ing vehicles, I sat wondering if I’d ever make it down the mountain. Meanwhile, the buses had stopped running (meaning no one relying on public transit could leave), cars were sliding, coming to rest facing wrong direction, and two fire trucks were stuck in the snow.

The pedestrians made it down the mountain faster than anyone in cars… and the expensive cars (e.g. BMWs, Jags) slid around like penguins into the ocean. I’ll just let the pictures tell you the story. These amazing photos are the work and property of txberiu and are borrowed from her site at Flickr.com.

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