…back to the races

So life has been going full steam ahead since last May.


We counted the number of flights we took last year and realized we’d flown various places 9 or 10 times throughout the year. That’s a lot when you’re supposed to have a full time job in an office! However, this year things seem to be a bit calmer, thankfully. We got back from being the states for Christmas and went almost directly to our AIA staff training. But since then, we’ve had all of our weekends to ourselves!

At the end of last semester, I began to feel pent-up and easily overwhelmed. I knew that’s not how God wanted things to be and soon realized I was going through a burn out. This also led to a very dry, dark time spiritually for me. But being home for Christmas, being able to turn my mind off and just enjoy the people around me, and being reminded of my Savior’s birth were very refreshing for my soul. Though, it wasn’t until just recently that I began to feel healthy again.

Health is something God is teaching me a lot about and I’m just beginning to incorporate new things into my life. You have to be alive in order for God to use you. How useful am I going to be to God down the road if I have lost my health and my mind!? So, I’m trying to be mindful of what I’m eating (and consequently what Brian is eating), how I’m sleeping, keeping my home clean and tidy, getting at least a little exercise, and most of all spending quality time with the Father.

Oh how organized and put-together I sound! Ha, I’m still learning. While I’ve been trying to stock our pantry and fridge with organic food, we still have the occasional Wendy’s. And Brian’s a bit hesitant to try new things like organic milk and free range eggs. And he’s not to keen on having more than one vegetable with each meal, but he’s going along with me!

I want my life to be a picture of health and balance. While ministry is important, it’s not everything. That’s the thing I have to remember and not feel guilty about. Jesus was not a superhuman. He didn’t wear a cape, have a big red S on his chest, or have a magical, tingly touch. He was a man. He just understood how to really rely on the Spirit for strength, sanity, and asking the Father to intercede and perform miracles for His glory.


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