I can’t believe it’s already October. This semester has gone by so quickly. Last week all of the first year Bible studies officially started; I’m leading 2 this semester. I’m also leading a study for third year girls based on Robert Coleman’s book The Master Plan of Evangelism. This weekend we had our fall retreat for all of the Campus For Christ students from Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, and Douglas College. Between the all universities we had close to 100 students!

As a staff team, we have been praying to see 250 students choose to follow Christ as their Lord and Savior this school year. So far we’ve seen 8! As a follow up to the fall retreat, we are having a “Week of Evangelism” this week at SFU. We are trusting the Lord to use us to find those 250 students for His kingdom through random evangelism on campus and other outreach events.

Here are some pictures of stuff that’s been happening this semester (courtesy of Jeffrey and Paulman).

Group shot at the end of BC Summit 2007. (Brian and I are on the far right.)

We played volleyball during free time at the retreat. We were playing boys vs. girls… it was 10 on 3 at one point, but we said, “If you have the XY chromosome, you’re not welcome on our team!” Here’s our cheer:

We jumped up and down in the shape of an X.

We passed out almost 2000 Real Life Kits to students during the first week of school. Each kit contained a New Testament, evangelical tract, highliter, pillow case, and The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel or Soul Cravings by Erwin Ralph McManus. Through the RLKs we got close to 1000 contacts to follow up with, many of which led to great spiritual conversations.

Worship in Burnaby Mountain Park during our Kick-Off BBQ.

Thanks for your prayers everyone!


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  1. Becca and Brian – looks like you guys have been SO busy! I love reading your updates 🙂 We’ll be praying for that 250 also. (also loved the X jumping – haha – becca you’re great, as always!) – kate

  2. haha, i can see Karen winning that, even though in the picture it looks like Brian’s going to.Also, that’s a really good picture of you staff people! i like your blog, Becca.

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