first day of school

Today was my first day back on campus at Simon Fraser University. I must admit I woke up in a bit of a funk and was not looking forward to the day. Besides having to leave my house at 6:50am and not sleeping well the night before, I just wasn’t in the mood to battle the crowds in the hallways and look outside just to see fog and rain.

I knew my attitude was off and was praying all morning that the Lord would work through me, in spite of me, and that He would remind me why I do what I do. During my break between passing out and collecting Spiritual Interest Questionnaires all over campus, I went to the cafeteria with a co-staff to try to have a spiritual conversation with someone. We sat down with a Chinese international student named Rose and began to talk with her about “the God” (as she referred to Him). Coming from a communist background, she was taught that there is no God and so she didn’t believe in Him. But she also didn’t know much about Christianity and wanted to know more about it.

As my co-staff and I shared the four spiritual laws with her (an evangelistic booklet that covers the four main points of the Bible and brings the reader to a point of decision), she asked lots of deep, clarifying questions about forgiveness, why it had to be Jesus, punishment, and how to connect with God. By the time we reached the part where the reader must decide whether or not they want to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, Rose had complete understanding and wanted to open her life up to Him. She sensed a need for forgiveness in her life and gladly accepted Christ’s gift on the cross.

So my co-staff and I are meeting to follow up with her on Thursday.

I do not understand God. If I were Him dealing with me this morning, I would’ve told myself to go back to bed and not come back until I felt like I could have a better attitude. But instead He chose to use me, answering my own feeble prayers, and drawing another into His Kingdom. Lilly doesn’t have any earthly siblings, but I wish you could’ve seen her smile when I told her that we were sisters in Christ.


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