God’s presence is undeniable

How can someone think that God can only understand English? Or that their prayers are stopped by the roof? Or that God is too busy to hear two or three prayers at once? This certainly can’t be true of students working on their masters living in North America. At least, that’s what I thought. My fellow staff member and I had the opportunity to share about the Bible and Christianity with three Chinese students on campus last week. That hour of conversation made every minute of fighting traffic worth it. It made my entire existence on staff worth it. I had the pleasure and privilege of witnessing the Holy Spirit enter a life for the first time. God’s presence was all around and inside of us. As we sat with the girls and God spoke through us, I could not help but praise Him.

These girls had heard stories from the Bible and knew who Jesus was, but they were only stories. As we shared about Adam and the fall, about man’s constant struggle to reach God, and about God’s love reaching down despite who we are, the stories became as real and as full of life as when God first breathed the words into their authors. Each girl was given the opportunity to accept the gift God gave through placing our punishment on His only Son. While one was not ready to make any decisions, the other two were ripe for the harvest.

God brought them from different parts of China and me from North Carolina to that very table for that exact reason. Is any more proof needed that there is a God who loves us and has a plan for our lives? It might take a while for them to grow in their understanding, but these girls have started a life-long relationship that I was given the honor of helping begin. Thank you for your prayers, and please continue in them. God’s word does not return void!


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