eat, breathe, live

After a summer full of watching soccer during the world cup and Brian’s many games, I’m beginning to understand the game a bit more. It is an all-or-nothing sport. The players, the good ones, are completely committed to the game. They train twice a day in sun, rain, and snow… and then go for a 5 mile run. Can you imagine running for ninety minutes straight? (Then imagine doing the dirty laundry.) The fans, the real ones, are insane and pledge allegiance to their team more than they do to their country. Fights erupt and fans face death just to attend a match.

This game is all-encompassing and takes over the lives of billions of people around the world. The United States and much of Canada create a void on the world-wide map of football-frenzy. It is the one language spoken by countless men, women, and children in first, second, and third world countries. It draws people in and bridges the gap across races, religions, and prejudices. Imagine what God can do with that.

Now, I know I don’t play soccer, but it is a part of my life. It brings me into contact, and hopefully conversations, with strangers. It is my responsibility and honor to share God’s love with them. God chooses to put random people in our lives who need to hear that He loves them. He knows who will be sitting beside me at the next game. He draws the “randoms” to me, through soccer. (Only God could use soccer in my life!) What does God put in your life that draws “randoms” to you? Will you use it?

We have posted a few pictures from Brian’s game this weekend. Check them out at our Flickr website in the links to the right.


One thought on “eat, breathe, live

  1. hey Becca & Brian! i’d say soccer is the world’s most popular sport. 🙂 probably because all you need for equipment is a ball. anyway, see you soon!

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