a new home

Moving to Canada has been fun, but there are a lot of things we miss about the east coast. Besides the obvious (family and friends), we really miss the afternoon thunderstorms and the noisy cicadas. However we most definately do not miss the humidity slapping you in the face as soon as you walk out the door. Summer here is beautiful, sunny and hot most of the time. It’s just different. Here are some pictures of our favorite beach, Crescent Beach. It’s only a 15 minute drive away!
Alexander Roxburgh and I are looking for crabs and sea shells.
The three-year-old twins, Tayler and Britton Roxburgh, fly a kite for the first time. I got quite a bit of exercise that day…

Alexander puts the finishing touches on our “Crescent Beach” photo op.

We also love living with the Roxburgh’s. Graham Roxburgh is the AIA Soccer director (i.e. Brian’s boss) and Janis stays home with their four kids. Kate (5), Alexander (4), Tayler (3), and Britton (3) are so much fun! We are subleasing their basement so we get to play with the kids whenever we want. We especially enjoy getting them all riled up around 8:30 pm and then going back downstairs to our place. It has been nice having a “family” here since we live so far from our own. Having the four kids around is also a great form of birth control. We’re happy just the two of us for now.


One thought on “a new home

  1. we are so happy to have you in our home…the kids love the time you give them and it is still amazing to me how quickly they change and grow…here’s to many happy memories in your “new home” ! 🙂 jr

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